With EMF rapidly approaching there’s some things you might want to prepare for, and things you may have missed if you recently grabbed a ticket.

The short version:

  • ♻️ Bring your interesting junk for the Swap Shop!
  • 🎹 We’re hosting an Electronic Music Open Mic, pack your beepy instruments
  • 🪪 Badges and t-shirts are still on sale
  • 🌱 The CCC needs your seedlings
  • ☎️ Phone number registration is now open
  • 🚊 The trains are still disrupted on Sunday

Swap Shop

The ever-popular charity Swap Shop will be waiting to recieve your unwanted tools, electronics, baffling machines, and unusual objects. Drop them off at the Swap Shop and take home some different ones instead.

As always, you must be prepared to take home anything that doesn’t find a new owner!

Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM)

We will be hosting an Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM) on Saturday afternoon.

Everyone is welcome to bring along their synths, sequencers, stylophones, spectrums, and signal generators of any kind to play a ten minute live gig on the Null Sector sound system.

The best performers will be given the opportunity to play again on the main music stage in the evening as part of an EMOM special.

If you’d like to play at EMOM please email us to register your interest.

Badges and T-shirts

The Tildagon camp badge is now rapidly being manufactured!

This year we are introducing a small charge for the badge in order to make it more sustainable and reduce the number of unwanted badges produced. The badge is not essential for you to attend EMF, but we plan to reuse this badge at future events.

There are still a small number of badges available, so if you would like one please reserve your badge as soon as possible.

We will be selling T-shirts and other merch from the on-site shop, however t-shirts are only available for pre-order. Order your t-shirt now!

Community Cultivation Compilation (CCC)

In keeping with our 2024 solarpunk theme we encourage you to contribute to the Community Cultivation Compilation - a swap shop for tiny plants, offshoots, bulbs, and seeds. You’ll find this micro-oasis just outside the lounge. Bring a cutting and take home a new green friend 🌱

We have no idea why people keep saying the acronym is confusing.


We run our own on-site phone network using cheap cordless home DECT phones. This allows you to call other attendees, as well as interactive services and strange things built by other folks using our programmable phone system.

Mobile phone reception in the field is extremely poor, and while we offer a fast internet connection almost everywhere on-site this is an excellent way to stay in touch.

Pre-registration for numbers is now open, and if you’d like to read more about our telephony options there are further details on the website. Yes, we support fax.


This is a reminder that there will be engineering work on Sunday 2nd June that will mean no trains leaving Ledbury and a rail-replacement bus service will run instead. To simplify things our shuttle bus service will run to Worcestershire Parkway on Sunday to meet the Ledbury trains. More details & times at bus.emf.camp

Workshop sign up

We promised workshop sign up details “in the next email”, but to prevent that email becoming a short novel you’re getting this bonus extra email. Workshop sign up is still due to open after the 20th, and we will notify you when it does.


Thank you, as ever, to our amazing sponsors for helping out:

  • MathWorks
  • Octopus Energy
  • United Tech and Allied Workers
  • AND Digital
  • Codethink
  • PCBWay
  • Mythic Beasts
  • Espressif
  • Texas Instruments
  • Bosch Sensortec
  • Onega

See you in the field.

Love, The EMF Team