Help the EMF Arcade

This year we decided (in a pub, where else) to do the arcade at EMF a little differently, and create a space for indie and small games developers from the EMF and adjacent community to showcase their games.

Some absolutely incredible games and game developers have signed up to be part of it, including games that are climate and environment themed, games that use odd alternate controllers, and some smash hit indie darlings you might just have heard of.

However, we do still need some help to laser cut the arcade cabinets that will house the machines. If you have access to a laser cutter and are willing to help us out, read on!

Arcade cabinets

The arcade will use bartop cabinets for 24” monitors, and needs 16 complete sets of cabinet components. Each cabinet is 17 components, needs to be cut on 6mm plywood, and fits within a 1220x2440mm sheet. If you:

  • have a laser cutter that can handle 6mm plywood,
  • currently have, or have quick access to, 6mm plywood sheets,
  • are planning to arrive at EMF for Wednesday the 29th (or earlier), and are able to transport laser cut components OR
  • are somewhere between London and the EMF site so that we can arrange pickup,

then we would be very grateful for your help, and can provide a set of plans that fit your bed, providing it’s at least 700x600.

Cutting all 16 is a big commitment, so we don’t expect that, and are thankful for any that you can produce. As you may have heard, sponsorship and budget are tight this year, so if you are willing to cover the cost of any cabinets you produce, we would be delighted to consider you a sponsor and supporter of the arcade, but if you can’t, just let us know. We have left a prominent spot on the cabinet for supporters to engrave their logos, and can display logos and URLs in the arcade programme, alongside the amazing game lineup.

Please contact, or message jna_sh on irc/element.