We’re one week away and the team are on site putting up tents and laying cable, ready for you all to join us. In this email we want to talk about the schedule, lightning talks, volunteering, badges, phones, APIs, what to bring, and the tent team.


Our main Call for Participation is now closed. The scheduling robot has been carefully shuffling content over the last week, and we now have a talk schedule!

This is subject to change, but we recommend you give it a look over and favourite things you want to see. Timings for workshops, music, performances, and films will be announced on Monday.

While we don’t have room for any more full talks, lighting talk sign up is now open - you’ll find more details below. We also still want to hear about the installations you’re bringing! Get in touch on installations@emfcamp.org.

Lightning Talks

We have lightning talk sessions each day - short 5 minute talks on any topic running back-to-back. Got One Weird Trick you want to share, or an amazing project pitch? Put together some slides, fill in the form and prepare to talk quickly!


You’ll be able to sign up for volunteering shifts via the website in the next few days. As always, anyone wanting to help with build up and/or tear down should get in touch beforehand to confirm that we need help. Please do not arrive on site before Thursday 2nd June without prior agreement.

During the event those who complete a volunteering shift will get a free meal at our excellent volunteer kitchen. This year, to help reduce waste (and volunteers having to spend hours washing up) please bring your own crockery and cutlery.

As well as volunteer shifts during the event, we still need core volunteers for:

  • First Aid team, with at least FREC3 certification. Please contact firstaid@emfcamp.org
  • Conduct & Accessibility team, to assist with accessibility needs on site, or matters relating to the code of conduct. Please contact conduct@emfcamp.org


This year’s electronic badges use a USB-C plug that can be inserted directly into laptops with a USB-C port. If you want to charge and hack on it during the event and your computer doesn’t have USB-C ports you’ll need to bring an adaptor - you can get one from here, there, or this place!

The on-site shop will also have a limited number of adapters for sale.


As mentioned in our last email we have our own phone network on-site, and have now published our developer documentation so you can build applications for attendees to interact with through the phone system! We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

We also support important phone services such as dial-up, fax, ISDN, ADSL, and bulletin boards. If you’d like to bring along your modem and fax machine the CuTEL wiki page has the details.

Our DECT network uses cheap household cordless telephones - if you bring a compatible handset then you can register your preferred phone number. This will let you phone other users and the variety of phone-based services on site.

Developers / APIs

We love opening up our data for attendees to play with and we’d love you to do the same.

Our developer documentation is now live and being added to daily - you can fetch the schedule, check how much internet we’re using, make phone calls, find out which beers the bar is serving, and much more.

If you’re building something for EMF that exposes an API, please add it to the documentation so others can experiment with it!

What to bring

If you’ve not been to EMF before and are a little unsure what you’ll need have a look at our guide, while you still have time to buy things!

Lift & Equipment Sharing

If you’re still not sure how you’re getting to EMF, or if you’ve got a spare seat or two in your car, take a look at the lift sharing page on the wiki. Sharing a journey helps other attendees, and reduces the carbon footprint of the event. There’s also a similar page for camping equipment.

Tent Team

Talking of camping equipment: new this year is the Tent Team! They’ll be on site from Thursday afternoon to help with any problems you might have putting up your tent and getting settled in. Phone 1020 (TENt-20) via DECT, or go to the Info tent to get in contact with them.


Your ticket price pays for us to run the event, but we rely on sponsors to help us make the event fun, accessible, and beautiful.

This year we’d particularly like to thank Google Open Source for sponsoring childcare, Lucid for sponsoring talk transcription, Twilio for sponsoring the arcade, PCBGoGo for badge assembly, Sargasso Networks, SOS Intelligence, Mathworks, iluli by Mike Lamb, Onega, ARDC, Aiven, Huboo, and UCL Connected Environments for their support.

We’re always looking for more sponsors. If your company is interested in helping support EMF please take a look at at our sponsor packages and drop us a line on sponsors@emfcamp.org.

Looking forward to seeing you in the field.

Love, The EMF Team