The EMF team would like to assure you that we are taking COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and attendee safety seriously.

We are not currently planning to cancel Electromagnetic Field 2020.

As you can imagine, we are considering this carefully - the situation is still rapidly developing, and we do not feel there is enough information on how it will affect our event in four months’ time.

At this stage, the majority of other festivals this summer are going ahead as planned. In the event that anything changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Ticket sales

The next ticket sale will go ahead tomorrow (Saturday 14 March) at 11am, and the final ticket sale is still planned for Thursday 2 April at 9pm. As always, tickets are only available from our website.


If you have already bought an EMF ticket and are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 (or regularly come into contact with people who are), please email us if you would like a refund - they will be available until at least June.

Alternatively, you can transfer your ticket to someone else through our website.

If we cancel Electromagnetic Field 2020, tickets may be returned for a refund in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

The near future 🛰

Despite the current obstacles, we’re tremendously excited about EMF 2020 and are continuing with our preparations at full speed.

Our Call for Participation is still open! There have been a huge number of wonderful submissions - and we’re still looking for more. Be sure to submit your plans and ideas; it’s the best way to get tickets for EMF.

If you’re planning to propose an installation (or request funding to build one), the submission system will be available shortly.

Village registration is now open to ticketholders! Registering a village allows you to reserve space on site for your (dome / giant robot / bakery), to book marquees & furniture, and to publish things in the schedule.

See you in the field.

Love, The Electromagnetic Field team