As you’re hopefully aware Electromagnetic Field is returning to Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Herefordshire at the end of July 2020. As we continue to grow, we have to make small changes to the way we sell tickets in order to keep the event sustainable.


Firstly, we’ve made the decision to increase the capacity of EMF 2020 to 2750 people – a 10% increase, which is the smallest since we started EMF in 2012. We’re doing this to avoid over-stretching our organising team, and so we can continue making EMF better rather than just bigger.

This unfortunately means that demand for tickets will almost certainly outstrip supply, as those who tried to get tickets to EMF 2018 can attest.

Volunteer Tickets

The main change we’re making this year is to ensure that the people who make EMF great don’t struggle to get tickets. EMF simply would not happen without the brilliant people who volunteer, speak, perform, organise, build, and otherwise contribute to the event.

The first round of ticket sales will be limited to these people. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending out vouchers to those who volunteered, spoke, performed, or otherwise contributed to EMF 2018. These vouchers will guarantee you the chance to buy two adult tickets (as well as child tickets) until February 1st 2020.

If you contributed to EMF 2018 and have not received a voucher by January 1st, please get in touch with your team lead if you volunteered, or otherwise let us know.

Call for Participation

As always, if you submit a talk, workshop, installation, or performance to our 2020 Call for Participation and your submission is accepted, you will be guaranteed the chance to buy two adult tickets (as well as child tickets).

The CfP will open shortly, and we expect to start the first round of review in February.

Public Ticket Sales

The remainder of the tickets to EMF 2020 will go on sale in at least three batches after February 1st, 2020. We’ll announce the dates and times of these public ticket sales closer to the time.

Ticket Prices

Unlike in previous years, we will not be offering lower “early bird” prices in earlier rounds of ticket sales. In the past, “early bird” pricing was useful to encourage people to buy tickets earlier and provide the money we needed to put down deposits for suppliers.

However due to increased demand and EMF’s improved financial stability, we no longer need to provide this incentive, which mostly benefitted those who had money available to spend before Christmas.

It is possible we may need to alter ticket prices slightly for later ticket sales as our budget evolves, but otherwise these prices will remain the same:

  • Adult ticket: £140
  • Under-18 ticket: £55
  • Under-12 ticket: Free
  • Parking ticket: £18
  • Camper van/caravan ticket: £45

As always, we will provide the option of paying more for a supporter ticket, which will provide money for us to subsidise tickets for those who otherwise could not afford to attend.