It’s been two months since we left the field, and the EMF team are finally finishing all the post-event work. This will be the last email you receive from us about EMF 2016. We have just a few more things to tell you:

Talk videos

All videos of recorded talks are now available to watch on youtube and for download on If you spot problems with a video, please let us know.

TiLDA badge

The EMF 2016 badge has received substantial updates since the event, making it faster, more reliable, and most importantly: we added a clock. You’ll need to do a full firmware upgrade using a computer - the process is fairly simple.

Due to the number of updates we decided to extend the badge competition until the end of the year. Full details of the competition can be found here - the winners in each category get two free tickets to EMF 2018!


The EMF team rely on your feedback to improve future events. We’d really appreciate it if you could spend five minutes telling us what you loved and hated about EMF 2016.


Due to overwhelming demand, we’re going to print a second run of t-shirts. If you’d like one please register to be notified when they go on sale.

Lost property

We still have a substantial amount of lost property remaining. Anything not claimed by the end of December will be donated to charity. If you’ve lost anything, please email

Your memories & stories

We’re collecting photos, video, and stories about EMF. If you’d like to share your photos with us we have a Flickr group, a wiki page, or you can simply send us an email with anything you remember fondly from the event this year. We love seeing what you got up to, and hearing about what happened.

Future events

We’re attempting to organise a one-day event for 2017, however next year’s European hacker camp is SHA at the beginning of August. The EMF team will be there in force, as The Robot Arms goes on tour. We’ve already begun planning for the next major EMF event in summer 2018.


We would like to thank every single person who volunteered at EMF - those who spoke, built, organised, lifted, carried, cooked, cleaned, and a thousand other things. EMF is a collaborative effort, and it would have failed without you.


EMF would not have happened without the companies who sponsored this year. We especially have to thank HCD, who used their incredible equipment to assemble 2000 badges at extremely short notice:

HCD hopes everyone had a great time at this year’s EMF and enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. We would like to thank all those who stopped for a chat (and a tour of the motorhomes), helping make our weekend so memorable. Seeing all the badges distributed made us very proud to have been a part of it, we hope you will continue to enjoy hacking them for a long time to come. HCD offer a wide range of electronics manufacturing and assembly services and if we can help anyone with their next project, be it a one off prototype or a large production run please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re also extremely grateful to Texas Instruments, ST Microelectronics, Microsoft, UCL Engineering, Nexmo, Spotify, MathWorks, Portcullis, Smart Carbon Control, Yelp, Heart Internet, Wurth Elektronik, RS Components, CodeThink, Twilio, Chef, Improbable, Medical Connections, Just Add Sharks, FlexOptix, and DHTMLX.

Final things

You may have seen the charity equipment sale near Stage A: Dominik Ostrowski let us know that you raised £522 for the British Red Cross!

EMF is committed to being transparent about how your ticket money is spent, as usual we’ll be publishing our full accounts in the near future - keep an eye on our website and twitter account.

We hope you had as much fun at EMF as we had organising it.


The (still recovering) EMF Team